10 MUST-VISIT Anime Manga Events in JAPAN



1. Comic Market




“Comic Market” or also known as Comiket is the world biggest manga, anime, and doujinshi fair. It is held twice a year; once during August known as NatsuComi, and once during December, known as FuyuComi, at Tokyo Big Sight near Ariake in Odaiba, Tokyo. This three-day event gathered almost 600,000 people.

*Doujinshi is a Japanese term for self-published work, usually manga novels or manga.





2.  Animelo Summer Live




Anime Summer Live, ‘Anisama’ is the world biggest anime’s song live concert. The performers are singers and voice actors that speci alized in singing anime songs. There are also special unit which derived from voice actors. One of the highlights of this concert is the collaboration of artists from many different labels, which is quite rare.




3. World Cosplay Summit




World Cosplay Summit is the world largest cosplay festival. Cosplayers from Japan and all over the world gather in this event to meet and have international culture exchange, as well as take pictures, and enjoy the world largest cosplay parade. Moreover, there is “Cosplay Championship”, where representative cosplayer from each country prepares a stage performance to compete for the championship.



4. Wonder Festival




Wonder Festival is the world largest Garage Kit (Figures) sales and exhibition event. Regardless of being a pro or an amateur, this event allows figure makers to bring their creation to display and sell in the event. Though the main event is about exhibiting and selling figures, there are also free markets and cosplay. The highlight of this event is that companies that holds characters’s copyright allows buying selling the characters figure for a day. In other words, we can also call this a “figure version of Comiket”.




5. Jump Festa




Jump Festa is an event based on the theme of Japan’s Manga Magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump”. Sales of serialized manga and Anime Goods, Games Experience, Manga Writer’s Talk Event, Character’s Discussion, etc .are held in this event.

**Shonen means boy or youth



6. Next Generation World Hobby Fair




Next Generation World Hobby Fair, often called as “world hobby fair”, is known as Japan’s largest exhibition for children. Many famous television games and toys companies exhibit booths, open trials for new games and hobbies, as well as held pre-sale and limited sales of certain goods. This event mainly targets elementary to middle school students. We recommend you to come as a family.




7. Nico Nico Super Conference




Nico Nico Super Conference is an event with the concept of reproducing “Nico Nico Video” live. In addition to Nico Nico Video user, there are also various exhibitors, Sumo, Pro-Wrestlers, Police, Self-Defense Forces, jumbling together to making a chaos event.



8. Tokyo Game Show




Tokyo Game Show is Japan’s biggest video game expo. It is also one of the world’s three major game shows aside from United States and German’s Gamescom.



9. Kyoto International Manga / Anime Fair




Kyoto International Manga and Anime Fair is West Japan’s largest manga and anime comprehensive trade fair. There is a booth commercial featuring new or popular work, here is also a talk event, live performance by voice actors and anime song singers. The event is also called “Kyo-maf”.


10. Anime Japan


anime japan


Anime Japan is Japan’s largest Anime event. There is even a saying that “everything about Anime is all here”. All the majors Anime related companies and organization exhibit and sale Anime goods, held stage performance, and various events.






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