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Anime Japan is Japan’s largest Anime event. There is even a saying that “everything about Anime is all here”. All the majors Anime related companies and organization exhibit and sale Anime goods, held stage performance, and various events.




Event Schedule


Every year on the last Saturday and Sunday of March

Upcoming event: Anime Japan 2016

Date: March 26 (Sat) and 27 (Sun), 2016




How to Purchase the Ticket


You can purchase it from the Official Website (English Version)(http://www.anime-japan.jp/en/

The sales start from the end of January until mid-February.


Entrance Fee

Middle School Student and above: JPY 1600 (USD $13.08)

Elementary School Student and below: Free






How to Enjoy the Event


Enjoying with Family


Although many of Japan’s domestic major anime events mainly targets passionate fans and hardcore otaku, Anime Japan has also prepared a corner where family can freely enjoy family time together. Here, Anime Japan held an anime making experience corner, picture taking corner with real anime characters (mascot).



Participating in Workshop


You can attend a series of lecture relating to creating anime with expert from various areas such as directing, character design, screenplay, arts. You can also receive advice from first-rate, prominent writers, which is a very rare experience.



Watching the Opening Stage Performance


Opening stage is an activity that anyone can participate. The stage features performance from several popular animes. It also centered on themes such as games, music, radio, goods, festival, cosplay, etc.



Enjoying Cosplay


There are several 3D background screens from popular anime as well as 3D objects to use as background, which will enable cosplayer to enjoy Cosplayer World more than ever.

There is also a “Cosplay Challenge Corner”, which first-timer can rent the costume on site (rental fee: JPY 1000).

Cautionary for Cosplayer World (English Version)









Venue: Tokyo Big Sight



【Route 1】 Tokyo or Tokyo Suburbs → Big Sight


If you stay over one day earlier in Tokyo or Tokyo Suburbs, it is best to go to Big Sight via train.


There are two station with similar name Kokusai-Tenjijō Station (International Exhibition Centre Station) and Kokusaitenjijo-Seimon Station (International Exhibition Centre Main Gate Station).


Kokusai-Tenjijō Station is a railway station on the Rinkai Line. It is a more popular means of accessing to Big Sight. Rinkai Line can be transfer to JR or Tokyo Metro via Osaki Station, Oimachi Station, Shin-Kiba Station. It is connected directly with Saikyo Line, so passengers could get to Shinjuku or Ikeburu without having to transfer. It takes 7 minutes to walk from Kokusai-Tenjijō Station to Big Sight. During the event exhibition, you can follow the flow of people from the station until the venue.


Kokusaitenjijo-Seimon Station, connected with Yurikamome, is actually nearer to Big Sight than Kokusai-Tenjijō Station. Yurikamome is connected JR or Tokyo Metro at Shinbashi Station. Yurikamome differed from Rinkai Line that it is a monorail; therefore passengers can enjoy the vista of Odaiba while heading toward the venue, which is one of its attractive points. It talks 3 minutes walking from Yurikamome’s Kokusaitenjijo-Seimon Station to the venue.




【Route 2】Haneda Airport →Big Sight


Bus is the best option for going directly from Haneda Airport to Tokyo Big Sight.

From Haneda Airport, take “Limousine Bus” or “Keikyu Bus” directly to Tokyo Big Sight. Both options cost 620 yen for adult and 310 yen for children.



  1. 「 Limousine」Haneda Airport ⇄Tokyo Big Sight

Limousine Bus is a bus with luxury interior, operated by Tokyo Airport Transportation Co. Ltd. It takes 20~35 minutes from Haneda Airport to Tokyo Big Sight. The bus departs every 1 hour. It does not require any reservation.


Limousine Bus Platform

Terminal 1: Platform No.7

Terminal 2: Platform No.7

International Terminal: Platform No. 2


:: In case you have any difficulties, please inquire directly to Haneda Airport Staff.


  1. 「Keikyu Bus」Haneda Airport ⇄Tokyo Big Sight

Keikyu Bus takes around 25 ~ 40 minutes to reach Tokyo Big Sight from Haneda Airport, which slightly takes more time than Limousine. This is because it has four four stops before reaching the Tokyo Big Sight. However, when departing from Haneda Airport, the bus ticket must be purchased beforehand. On the other hand, it is possible to pay cash on the bus for the route from Tokyo Big Sight to Haneda Airport.


Ticket Sales Office


Haneda Airport International Terminal

Arrival Lobby 2nd Floor   Ticket・Hotel Reservation Counter (This counter handles Bus /Train Tickets)

Keikyu Bus Automatic Ticket Vending Machine on the 1st Floor in front of Platform No. 4 and 8


Haneda Airport Terminal 1

Arrival Lobby 1st Floor Bus Ticket Counter / Keikyu Bus Automatic Ticket Vending Machine


Haneda Airport Terminal 2

Arrival Lobby 1st Floor Bus Ticket Counter / Keikyu Bus Automatic Ticket Vending Machine



Haneda Airport International Terminal: Platform No. 4

Haneda Airport Terminal 1: Arrival Lobby Platform No. 14

Haneda Airport Terminal 2: Arrival Lobby Platform No. 14


:: In case you have any difficulties, please inquire directly to Haneda Airport Staff.


【Route 3】 Narita Airport →Big Sight

There is a limousine bus bounded directly for Big Sight. It goes directly to Tokyo Big Sight without any stop. It takes 3 minutes walking from the Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel to Tokyo Big Sight. This is the only route from Narita Airport to Big Sight.

「Limousine」Narita Airport →Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel

It takes around 60~70 minutes and cost 2800 yen (children 1400 yen), which is fairly expensively. However, rather than using train which takes times for transferring, going by limousine bus saves times and is more convenient. However, there are only 6 buses per day, therefore it is recommended to check the bus timetable in advance.



Terminal 1: Platform No. 10 or 1

Terminal 2: Platform No. 7 or 17








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