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Awa Odori is a summer festival that derives from Tokushima Prefecture. Awa Odori is the most famous Bon Dance (盆踊り) in Japan. It is Japanese traditional performing arts with more than 400 years history dating back to Edo Period. Groups of dancers and musicians, known as Ren (連), dance through the streets, typically accompanied by instrument such as shamisen (Japanese string instrument), Japanese drum, etc.






Event Schedule


August 12 ~ August 15 (every year)

Time: 18:00 ~ 20:30






How to Purchase the Ticket


Admission free, but special seat area called Enbujo(演舞場) is set on both sides of the dance street, so you can see Awa Odori up close. The ticket for the area is sold in advance.


※ Tickets sold on the day are likely to become sold out.



Ticket fee

S seat: JPY 1,900 (about USD $16)

A seat: JPY 1,700 (about USD $14)

B seat: JPY 1,500 (about USD $13)

C seat: JPY 800 (about USD $7)






How to Enjoy


During the festival, 1.3 million tourists and 100 thousands dancers fill in the central part of Tokushima City. The song is usually sung at a point in the parade where the dancers can stop and perform a stationary dance.


The song:

踊る阿呆にOdoru ahou ni (The dancers are fools)

見る阿呆Miru ahou (The watchers are fools)

同じ阿呆ならOnaji ahou nara         (Both are fools alike so)

踊らにゃ損、損Odoranya son, son (Why not dance?)



Let’s prepare how to dance!

Speculators are often encouraged to join the dance. Men and women dance in different styles. Men’s dance is freewheeling and dynamic. Women’s dance shows splendor and the beauty of group dancing. Accompaniments such as shamisen, Japanese drum, etc. hypes up the atmosphere and bring the excitement to another level. Before you go to the venue, it is better to prepare the dance so you can enjoy the festival even more!




Men’s dance (Japanese)




Women’s dance  (Japanese)






Venue: around Tokushima Station



From Tokyo

Tokyo (Haneda Airport)→Tokushima (Tokushima Airport)→ Tokushima Bus→Tokushimaekimae (2 hours)



From Osaka (2 hours and a half)

Kansai Airport ~ Tokushima Station (Tokushima Bus Group)

Osaka, Namba ~ Tokushima Station (Tokushima Bus Group)



From Kyoto (2 hours and 40 minutes)

Kyoto Station ~ Tokushima Station (JR Shikoku Bus, Tokushima Bus Group, Kaikyo Bus)



From Kobe (2 hours)

Sannomiya ~ Tokushima Station (JR Shikoku Bus, Tokushima Bus Group)



From Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe, it’s very convenient to use highway express buses.






Tourist Attractions Nearby


Tokushima central park


Awa Odori Kaikan










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