Spice up your bland life with Bungee Jumping Experience!







Want to add some excitement to your dull daily life? How about bungee jumping? Step forward with little courage and discover a new exciting world!










Kanto area


【Name】Ryujin Bungee

Try yourself and find out if you are brave enough to jump off from the highest bungee jumping spot in Japan (from the height of 100 meters above the ground). Don’t forget to take a look at the beautiful scenery from the bridge!


【Address】2133-6, Kegano town, Hitachi Oota city, Ibaragi, 313-0351



【Price】JPY 15,000 (about USD $121)


【Opening hours】 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. (4:30 P.M. last reception), closed on Thursdays and Fridays (reservation recommended)










【Name】Sarugakyo Bungee

Minakami town, where Sarugakyo Bridge is located, is famous for hot spring. Isn’t this a good idea to relax in the hot spring after the 62-meter-bungee challenge?


Hiroshi Jump-sml



【Address】1731, Aimata, Minakami town, Tone district, Gunma, 379-1404



【Price】JPY 10,000 (about USD $81)


【Opening hours】9:00 A.M -5:00 P.M. (4:30 P.M. last order), closed on Thursdays and Fridays










【Name】Yomiuri Land

Yomiuri Lands offer you a great opportunity of bungee jumping from proximity of Tokyo! Pay extra if you want to get a video file of your jump! (You will be wearing a CCD camera and your jump will be recorded.)


【Address】4015-1, Yanoguchi, Inagi city, Tokyo, 206-8725



【Price】JPY 2,100 (about USD $17)


*JPY 1,200 for entrance fee, JPY 900 for bungee jump


【Opening hours】Subject to change. Please check the website.











Kansai area


【Name】Brazilian Park Washuzan Highland

This is the only place where you can do bungee jumping in Kansai area. It takes you 3 hours by normal train from Osaka (or one hour by bullet train). You can also enjoy other attractions in Washuzan Highland, amusement park, and enjoy a nice view of Seto Island Sea.


【Address】303-1, Shimotsui Fukiage, Kurashiki city, Okayama, 711-0926



【Price】JPY 4,500 (about USD $37)


*JPY 2,800 for entrance fee, JPY 1,700 for bungee jump


【Opening hours】Subject to change. Please check the website.










Kyushu area


【Name】Itsuki Bungee

Don’t miss the view of Kawabe River, the clearest river in Japan! If you don’t think you’ll be satisfied with just one jump, there is also a special bungee jumping program called “Water Touch Bungee”. You can try up to 4 times to touch the water.





【Address】2672-8, Itsuki Village Ko, Kuma district, Kumamoto, 868-0201



【Price】JPY 12,000 (about USD $97)


【Opening hours】9:00 A.M. -5:00 P.M. (4:30 P.M. last reception), closed on Thursdays and Fridays














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