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Canyoning is a sport of traveling down streams by a variety of means including sliding, jumping, etc. Shower Climbing, on the other hand, you ascend up-streams. Here are some canyoning and shower climbing programs that you can enjoy in Honshu (the main island).




Kanto Area


If you travel around Tokyo, Tama River is the closest place where you can join the activities. If you go further to Gunma Prefecture, you can go to Minakami, which is becoming popular among canyoning lovers.



【Price】Shower Climbing: JPY 6,800 (about USD $55) *5 years or older

【Open】from April to October

【Address】2-411-1, Yugi-Machi, Oume City, Tokyo, 198-0064

【Online Reservation】http://winds-rafting.jp/en/#booking






【Price】from JPY7,500 (about USD $61) *12years or older

【Open】from 2nd May to 12th October

【Address】156-1 Kawai, Okutama Town, Nishitama County, Tokyo, 198-0102

【Online Reservation】http://www.gdexr.com/okutama/okutama_book_clndr_cany.html






【Price】from JPY 8,500 (about USD $69) *13years or older

【Open】25th April to 25th October

【Address】45 Yubiso Minakami-Machi, Tone County, Gunma 379-1727

【Online Reservation】http://canyons.jp/tours/summer/canyoning/minakami/fox-canyon#rafting-booking






【Price】JPY 8,000 (about USD $65) *13 years or older

【Open】from July to the end of September

【Address】169-1, Kanosawa, Minakami, Tone County, Gunma 379-1611

【Online Reservation】http://iloveoutdoors.jp/en/booking/index.html






【Price】from JPY 7,800 (about USD $63) *12years or older

【Open】13th June to 12th October

【Address】191-12 Yubiso, Minakami Town, Tone County, Gunma 379-1728

【Online Reservation】http://www.fw-canyon.com/course/half.php






Kansai area


Enjoy and immerse yourself in the rich nature of Shiga and Nara Prefecture. ‘Yatsubuchi no Taki (eight waterfalls)’ in Shiga, Yoshino River and Zenki River in Nara are must places to go for canyoning and shower climbing!



【Price】from JPY 11,000 (about USD $89) *9 years or older

【Open】from May to the end of October

【Address】1-10-29 Kamikoushien, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo 663-8114

【Online Reservation】http://www.alpine-river.com/yoyaku_canyoning.html






【Price】from JPY 5,400 (about USD $44)

【Open】from May to the end of October

【Address】55 Koyamamotomachi, Kyoto City, Kyoto 603-8112

【Online Reservation】http://www.shizenha.sakura.ne.jp/form.html






【Price】from JPY 6,000 (about USD $49)

【Open】Please inquire directly to the company

【Address】14-2 Nritaminami Town, Neyagawa City, Osaka 572-0003

【Online Reservation】http://ms-bouken.jp/reser/#box2







Shikoku area

Do you want to challenge the hardest stream in Japan? Yoshino River and its tributaries will provide you such a thrilling and amazing experience!



【Price】JPY 9,000 (about USD $73)

【Open】1st July to the mid-October

【Address】221-1 Ikadagi, Otoyo Town, Nagaoka County, Kochi 789-0157

【Online Reservation】http://www.happyraft.com/booking-canyoning/









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