Fly High and Touch the Sky ! Hot-air Balloon Experience!









Have you ever been in a hot-air balloon? If not, won’t you have your first experience of floating in the sky here in Japan? Let’s fly up high and take sight of Japan, which you have never seen before!











This is an amazing floating experience, where you could look and observe the great nature of Hokkaido from above the sky. You can see Taisetu Mountain, Tokachi Mountains, and the city of Furano all at once from the balloon. It might be better to go during winter because balloon free flight is available only in winter. Moreover, the view during winter is very astonishing since everything is covered in the white snow!





【Address】14-6, Kita-no-Mine Town, Furano City, Hokkaido, 076-0034



【Price】Balloon mooring flight: adult JPY 2,500 (about USD $21), Child (3 to 12 years old) JPY 2,000 (about USD $17) (children under 2 years old are free)


Balloon free flight: Adult JPY 14,000 (about USD $113), Child (6 to 12 years old) JPY 9,000 (about USD $73)


【Open】Balloon mooring flight: 25th April to 6th May, weekends in May, 1st June to 12nd October


Balloon free flight: 31st December to 31st March











Shinshu Area


Not too far from Tokyo (1 hour and a half by bullet train). Here is famous for the chain of high mountains called “Nihon (Japan) Alps”. As you fly up very close to Hida Mountains (one of Japan Alps), you’ll feel as if you can touch them.




【Address】5746-3, Hokujou, Hakuba Village, Kita-Azumi County, Nagano, 399-8301



【Price】Balloon mooring flight: adult (over 13 years old) JPY 2,400 (about USD $20), Child (4 to 12 years old) JPY 1,600 (about USD $13) children under 4 years old are free.


【Open】Sundays and National Holidays during April 26 to November 3, 2015 (every day from July 18 to August 31)











Kanto Area


The area called Watarase is a mecca for those who love hot-air balloon. You can have the sight of the Kanto plain, buildings in the metropolitan Tokyo, and even Mount Fuji.




【Address】1-9-17, Katayakagi Town, Tochigi City, Tochigi, 328-0053



【Price】Balloon free flight (45 minutes): Adult JPY 21,000 (about USD $169), Child (under 13 years old) JPY 12,500 (about USD $101)


Balloon free flight (60minutes): Adult JPY 25,000 (about USD $201), Child JPY 15,000 (about USD $121)


【Open】All Year Round











Tokai Area


Suzuka, Mie is famous not for only Japan Grand Prix but also Suzuka Hot-air Balloon Festival. It is easy to get there when you are traveling around Osaka and Kyoto. You can see the whole course of Formula 1 from the balloon.




【Address】3503-5 Koube Town, Tsu City, Mie 514-0065


3503-5 Koube Town, Tsu City

【Price】Balloon free flight (45 minutes): Adult JPY 21,000 (about USD $169), Child (under 13 years old) JPY 12,500 (about USD $101)


Balloon free flight (60minutes): Adult JPY 25,000 (about USD $201), Child JPY 15,000 (about USD $121)


【Open】from September to April














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