Experiencing Japanese Culture throught the Art of Defense ~ Archery Experience







Japanese archery was originally used in hunting animals, then in war-torn era until guns, brought to Japan from Portugal in 1543, replaced it as the main weapon. Since then, traditional archery in Japan has developed as one of the Japan’s representative martial arts.


Practicing Japanese archery is popular among citizens and especially in Japanese middle and high schools. It is very commonly practiced among both boys and girls.








【Name】Enzan Daikyu-jo (園山大弓場 / English: Enzan Archery Gallery)

【Address】Enzan Koen Kitabayashi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0073


Enzan Koen Kitabayashi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0073




The gallery is located at northeast from the intersection of Higashi-oji Street and Shijo Street (Known as: “Gion Ishidan-shita”) and it is on your left after passing a slope for 100m.


[Route 1] Kyoto Station 京都 → (Kyoto Subway Karasuma Line) → Shijo Karasuna Station 四条烏丸 → (Hankyu Railway Kyoto Line) → Kawaramachi Station 河原町

Walk toward East for 12 min.


[Route 2] If you are using Keihan Railway, the nearest station is “Gion-shijo(祇園四条)”


[Route 3] Kyoto Station Bus Terminal 京都駅前 → Gion Bus Stop 祇園

Take the Kyoto City Bus #206, the ride is approx. 17min and it takes you about 2 min from the Gion Bus Stop to the gallery.


【Tel】075-561-3568 or 090-6601-6634

【Closed】Monday, 3rd Tuesday of month, and next day of public holiday in case the holiday placed to Monday


【URL】http://www7.plala.or.jp/enz/daikyujyo.htm (Japanese)




No reservation is required.



Price and Plans

10:00am – 12:30pm (Weekends only, public holiday is not available)

1:00pm – 7:00pm

Price: 800 JPY (approx. 7 USD): 10 arrows, archery equipment, and instruction fee are included






How to Enjoy


If you have the experience in Western archery, it would be more interesting for you to feel the difference. It would also be interesting even for those who have never experienced archery before.


Here are some interesting differences between Japanese and Western archery:


  • In the Japanese archery, you release an arrow from your right side, while the Western archery is from your left.


  • While the Western archery focus on how precise your arrow could hit the target, Japanese archery also focus on how beautifully you performed archery; by following some specific conventions, behaviors and forms.


  • The Japanese archery can be perform from the different distance to the target: the close range is usually 28m from the target and far distance is 60m. As a comparison, the Western archery is performed between 30 – 90m depending on each match.


  • Many supplementary tools, such as stabilizer, sighting device and clicker are attached in the Western archery, however, the use of supplementary tools are prohibited in Japanese archery. You can only use a bow and arrow.








  • The instructor will pay full attention for your safety, however, please be aware that there might be some possibility that you might get some minor injury such as your fingers may get small cut, etc..


  • Please understand that the instructor cannot be responsible for injury occurred during the lesson.


  • Please carefully follow the instructor’s instruction for your own safety. If you cannot follow the instruction, your lesson might be cancelled.


  • Please do not attend the lesson after consuming alcohol.


  • Children under age 12 cannot attend the lesson.


  • Instructor can instruct 3 people at the same time. If you come by group consisted more than 3 people, others have to wait for their turn.


  • Please do not wear short skirts, as you will be practicing and releasing the arrow while seated.


  • The instructor would preferably like to have guests who can understand English even a little, in order to explain the procedures, backgrounds and most importantly, safety instructions.







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