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One of the very unique experiences that you can try in Tokyo is the plastic food sample experience. Japanese food sample is gradually becoming popular for its detailed design and realistic look. Most of the restaurants in Japan put these plastic food samples in their display window in order to attract customers, which is very unique Japanese culture.

At this plastic food sample factory, you can make your original sample of various Japanese foods such as Tempura and Sushi or sweets like cakes and sundaes. Wouldn’t it be cool to make you own food sample?









【Name】Yamato Sample Seisakusho (Fan Fun Fan)

【Address】 3rd Factory, 4-18-2 Kami-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo





[Route 1] 5min walk from Kita-ikebukuro Station of Tobu Tojo Line


[Route 2] 12min walk from Itabashi Station of JR Saikyo Line



【Closed】Every Wednesday and Thursday







【Online Reservation】


【Reservation by Phone】Not available

【Group Reservation】Available, maximum number of 25 – 30 person per group



Price and Plans

  • Shrimp Tempura (2 pieces)


  • With lettuce: 1,296 JPY (approx.11 USD) / Duration: 20min ~


  • Without lettuce: 1,080 JPY (approx.9 USD)/ Duration: 10min ~


  • Ramen: 2,376 JPY (approx. 19 USD) / Duration: 30min ~


  • Curry Rice: 2,160 JPY (approx. 18 USD) / Duration: 30min ~


  • Pizza: 2,376 JPY (approx. 19 USD) / Duration: 30min ~


  • Sushi Candle (3 pieces): 1,620 JPY (approx. 13 USD) / Duration: 30min ~


  • Sundae


  • Actual size with 6 Fruits: 2,808 JPY (approx. 23 USD) / Duration: 30min ~


  • Actual Size with 5 Fruits: 2,160 JPY (approx. 18 USD) / Duration: 30min ~


  • Mini Size with Photo Clip: 1,620 JPY (approx. 13 USD) / Duration: 30min ~


  • Tarts or Cup Cake Key Chain: 1,620 JPY (approx. 13 USD) / Duration: 30min ~


** Tax is included for all shown price. Credit card is not acceptable, cash only.


** Timings

Tempura: 11:00 ~, 12:00 ~, 13:00~ on every Saturday, Sunday and Japan’s National Holiday

Others: 10:00 ~, 11:00 ~, 16:00~ daily






How to Enjoy


This activity is really great experience for young travelers and also family visitors with small children (please follow your instructor for assistance). And of course, suitable for solo traveler’s as well!


You will even find some subtle details about Japanese food that you may have never noticed before.


After your experience, you can use some of the samples as key chains or even display it in your office desk at ―― your colleagues and friends will be jealous of your delicious-looking samples!







  • You cannot participate in making Tempura sample at the same time with another kind of sample(s), as Tempura sample process is held in different factory from other type of samples.


  • Some course has age restriction for participation of young children; however, if parents can participate along with their child, there is no problem.


  • Some parts of your trial sample will be used as a part of ready-made samples’ decoration.


  • You can also purchase the ready-made food samples as souvenirs to your family and friends after taking participating in the sample making experience. However, the factory does not accept customers who only come just for purchasing the ready-made samples, without participating in the sample making experience program.


  • You can use the waiting space, if you have partner (s) who do not participate. However, it is not available for visitors without participating partner.


  • Delivery is not available.


  • If you are afraid of getting some dirt on your cloths, we recommend you to bring an apron.


  • If you are late for more than 20min, there might be a difficulty in attending the lesson. Please arrive on time and attend explanation session from the instructor.







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