Japan has a lot of mountains, meaning that there are many mountain streams where you can enjoy rafting. Every company below will offer you a great experience of rafting experience in the Japan’s wonderful nature!



Kanto area

Tama river rafting tour (Tokyo)

Tama river is the nearest rafting sight from Tokyo city center. It is only 50-minute-travel by train from Tokyo.

156-1 Kawai<br /> Okutama-machi, Nishitama-gun, Tōkyō-to


【Name】GRANDEX Okutama

【Price】from 7,000 yen

【Open】from 4 April to 30 November

【Online Reservation】http://www.gdexr.com/okutama/okutama_book_clndr_raft.html

【Reservation by Phone】0494-26-5887




【Name】FOREST and WATER Okutama

【Price】from 7,000 yen

【Open】from April to November

【Online Reservation】 http://www.fw-raft.com/okutama/moushikomi.php

【Reservation by Phone】0428-74-9470




【Name】BIG WAVE Oume

【Price】from 5,000 yen

【Open】from the end of April to the beginning of November

【Online Reservation】 http://www.bigwave-okutama.com/booking.html

【Reservation by Phone】0428-74-9100





【Price】from 6,500 yen

【Open】1 March to 30 November

【Reservation by Phone】080-5516-1104




Nagatoro rafting tour (Saitama)

You can enjoy the spectacular scenery of Nagatoro Valley (the rock wall) and natural monument, during your activity. You can refresh yourself in the relaxing nature within the close proximity to Tokyo.



【Name】CANOE VILLAGE Nagatoro

【Price】from 6,000 yen

【Open】from April to November

【Online Reservation】http://canoevillage.com/reserve/

【Reservation by Phone】0494-66-2679





【Price】from 7,000 yen

【Open】from mid-April to mid-November

【Online Reservation】http://www.nnraft.com/yoyaku/

【Reservation by Phone】0278-72-5923





【Price】from 7,000 yen

【Open】throughout the year

【Online Reservation】http://www.outdoornagatoro.com/reserve/form_rafting/

【Reservation by Phone】0120-66-4162



【Name】GRANDEX Nagatoro

【Price】from 7,000 yen

【Open】from 4 April to 29 November

【Online Reservation】http://www.gdexr.com/nagatoro/nagatoro_book_clndr.html

【Reservation by Phone】0494-26-5887





Kansai area

Hozu river rafting tour (Kyoto)

You can expect a thrilling and exciting experience as this is the fastest stream in Kansai area. Moreover, it is also the nearest rafting spot from Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe.



【Price】from 4,380 yen

【Open】throughout the year

【Online Reservation】 http://www.mizuasobi.com/shop/

【Reservation by Phone】072-840-5644




Yoshino river rafting tour (Nara)

The flow of the water here keeps often change suddenly, becoming rapid and then calm, and the other way around, which makes rafting in Nara a unique experience. As for recommendation, spring would probably be the best season because cherry blossoms in Yoshino area are in full bloom.

Iigai<br /> Yoshino, Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture


【Price】from 6,300 yen

【Open】from May to the beginning of November

【Online Reservation】 http://www.alpine-river.com/houhou.html

【Reservation by Phone】0798-48-3750





Shikoku area

Yoshino river rafting tour (Tokushima, Kochi)

The fastest stream in Japan provides you an extremely thrilling rafting down the river. The beautiful view of Oboke and Koboke area and the clear water will also fascinate all visitors.



【Price】from 6,000 yen

【Open】from April to October

【Online Reservation】 http://www.taoadventure.com/contact/forms/index/1

【Reservation by Phone】0883-76-6030




【Price】from 7,000 yen

【Open】from March to December

【Online Reservation】http://rafting.co.jp/modules/pico6/index.php?content_id=2

【Reservation by Phone】090-7578-6330



【Name】FOREST and WATER Shikoku

【Price】from 5,500 yen

【Open】from 18 April to 25 October

【Online Reservation】http://www.fw-raft.com/yoshino/moushikomi.php

【Reservation by Phone】0887-75-0920





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