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Do you feeling like doing nothing but lying on the beach? Try scuba diving in Okinawa! Here, you can find beautiful underwater creatures and enjoy being surrounded by relaxing atmosphere! Or if you feel that Okinawa is too far, there are also some places near big cities in Honshu (the main island) where you can enjoy marine activities as well!








The main island of Okinawa


Onna Village

Just one hour from Naha, the capital of Okinawa. This resort-like town has a gorgeous coral beach. It is already enjoyable by just walk along the beach, but doing scuba diving is much more fun. There are many diving points nearby, and the famous ones are Manza Dream Hall, the limestone cave under the sea, and Blue Cave, which is similar to the Blue Grotto in Italy.


Kerama Islands

The sea is famous for its clearness; especially the sea around Zamami Island is very beautiful. You can see colorful tropical fish there (and sea turtles if you are lucky), by traveling on a boat for only 40 minutes from Naha. It is also a good choice going to Chibishi area if you want to save time, as it takes only 20 minutes from Naha.


Motobu Peninsula

Famous diving spot in North/middle area in the main island. If you want to go sightseeing at other places afterwards, Motobu Peninula is good choice since it is very close to Okinawa Chura-Umi Aquarium and Nago Pineapple Park.


Diving Programs Available:



【Price】Diving experience: 8,500 yen (You must be 11 years old and above)

Snorkeling: 5,000yen (3 years old and above)







【Price】Diving experience: from 13,000 yen (you must be over 9 years old and above)

Snorkeling: from 5,700yen







【Price】Diving experience: from 12,500 yen (you must be 11 years old and above)

Snorkeling: from 6,500 yen (9 years and above)







【Price】Diving experience: from 9,000yen

Snorkeling: from 4,000yen






Remote islands


Ishigaki Island

The sea is shallow for some distance from the shore and very calm. Enjoy the beautiful coral, a wide range of tropical fish, and greets the sea turtles and mantas!


Diving Programs Available:


【Name】Diving School UMICOZA

【Price】Diving experience: from 10,000yen (you must be 9 years old and above)

Snorkeling: from 5,000yen (over 4 years old)







【Price】Diving experience: from 20,000yen

Snorkeling: from 9,720yen






Miyako Island

The Island is mainly made of coral. It is well-known for its alluring white, powdered-sand beaches. The scenery of the contrast between blue of the sea and the white shore is especially stunning.



Diving Programs Available:



【Price】Diving experience: from 10,000yen (you must be over 9 years old)

Snorkeling: from 6,000yen (over 4 years old)







【Price】Diving experience: from 15,000yen

Snorkeling: free (you need to book for diving)







The main island of Japan



Only 1-2 hour away from Tokyo. The beach is famous for its complicated landform called ‘Enoshima labyrinth’ and sea creatures inhabiting there. Enoshima also has lots tourist attractions, such as the big Buddha statue, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, and of course delicious foods. If you are going to stay in Tokyo, why don’t you make a day trip to Enoshima for diving and sightseeing?


Diving Programs Available:



【Price】Diving experience: 9,800yen







【Price】Diving experience: from 6,980 yen






Kushimoto, Minabe, and Shirahama, are all popular diving spots among divers in Western Japan. Especially, Kushimoto is known as the southernmost tip of the main island of Japan. Whales come to the offing from time to time, so let’s join whale watching tours if you have time!


Diving Programs Available:



【Price】Diving experience: from 10,800 yen (you must be over 9 years old)







【Price】Diving experience: from 9450 yen

Snorkeling: from 8,400 yen







【Price】Diving experience:15,000 yen (you must be over 12 years old)

Snorkeling: 7,000 yen











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