TOKYO DISNEYLAND ~Welcome to the Fairytail-like World






Built in 1983,Tokyo Disneyland is the first Disney theme park outside the USA. And the main character is the famous mouse in the universe―mickey! Tokyo Disneyland is said to be a real dream world, the most attractive thing is that there is no difference between adults and children here, anyone have the privilege to fully enjoy themselves. Most of you might have already visited other Disneyland parks in the USA or in Paris, in Hong Kong, yet you cannot miss this Tokyo one!









Open time: 8:00a.m ~ 10:00p.m


Open date: Please check out the official calendar below







How to Purchase the Ticket



  • There are several types of tickets for you,


Ticket Type Adults( Ages 18&over) Junior (Ages12 to 17) Child(Ages4 to 11)
1 DAY passport JPY 6,900 JPY 6,000 JPY 4,500
Senior Passport(Ages 65&over) JPY 6,200    
2 DAY Passport JPY 16,600 JPY 10,800 JPY 8,000
3 DAY Magic Passport JPY 16,600 JPY 14,400 JPY 10,700
4 DAY Magic Passport JPY 20,800 JPY 18,000 JPY 13,400
Starlight Passport 1 JPY 5,400 JPY 4,700 JPY 3,500
After 6 Passport2   JPY 4,200  



Note 1: Starlight Passports can be used for park admission from3p.m on Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays only.


Note 2: After 6 passport can be used for Park admission from 6p.m. on weekdays, excluding National Holidays.


For more information, please check out the official page below,




  • There are also annual Passports that you can come to Disneyland throughout the year, for entertaining, for lunch, or even for a fresh out!


Ticket Type Adults( Ages 18&over)Junior (Ages 12 to 17) Child(Ages4 to 11) Senior Passport(Ages 65&over)
2-Park Annual Passport3 JPY 86,000 JPY 56,000 JPY 73,000
Tokyo Disney Sea Annual Passport JPY 5,9000 JPY 38,000 JPY 50,00
Tokyo Disneyland Annual Passport JPY 59,000 JPY 38,000 JPY 50,000


Note 3:2-Park Annual Passport cannot be used for Park under attendance control.


For more information, please check out the official page below,



※There are also FASTPASS(per person) which will help you save more time and enjoy more activities, there are the attractions with FASTPASS.





Here are the steps to get in FASTPASS








Check the Standby wait time of the attraction.








Put your passport under the FASTPASS ticketing machine, put the QR code side on the top. There you will receive the FASTPASS with a time period on it. That is the time period you can use the FASTPASS. (e.g.12:00 to 13:00)


Before that specified time begins (e.g. at 11:20), you can go around other attractions, but remember to go back and pass through the fast entrance!


FASTPASS can be only used within the time period, and one at a time, please check out the time on the FASTPASS when it is possible to get another FASTPASS.


It might cost quiet long time to purchase ticket on that day, thus it is better to purchase tickets online to save more time, to know more about these Passports OR PURCHASE, please contact us.

















For more information, please check out the official page below







How to enjoy


  • Use clocker to reduce your bag!


There are 2 storage lockers in the park, and 5 outside.





Putting some of your bags in the locker helps you to move faster and keep more energy for attractions.


Locker fee: JPY 300 ~ JPY 700






  • Tips on FASTPASS





One of the most prominent thing to keep efficiency is to know how to use FASTPASS.


  1. Getting more FASTPASSs means saving more time, but there is a limitation on when can you get your next FASTPASS, thus the best way is to get FASTPASS as soon as possible.


  1. Popular attractions’ FASTPASS will run out quickly, sometimes within hours. Surely it is important to get these FASTPASS earlier, but in return you might have to wait a lot for next FASTPASS. In some cases, it is more efficient to getting others’ FASTPASS first and using ordinary passport for these popular ones instead. (e.g. Usually latency of ‘Star Tours: The Adventures Continue’ will be within 70 mins )


  • Other thing is to travelling the park while pay attention next FASTPASS spot.


Below is the ranking of popular attractions:


1st Toy Story Midway Mania

FASTPASS runs out within 30mins sometimes.


2nd Tower of Terror,

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Indiana Jones Adventure

Raging Spirits

FASTPASS runs out before 12:00 am


3rd 20000 Leagues Under the Sea

     Storm Rider

     The Magic Lamp Theater

   In most of the cases, FASTPASS still remains in the afternoon.


  1. Pay attention! Do not use your FASTPASS soon after parade and show. That is to make sure when to use FASTPASS. After parade and show, people start moving to attractions and get crowd, thus using FASTPASS at this time is not so worthy, especially you have tried so hard to get it!


Below are some attractions which get worst soon after parade and show:

Buzz Light year Astro Blasters

Space Mountain

Splash Mountain


  1. Furthermore, pay attention to the time if you have a reservation of restaurant in Disneyland.


Disneyland restaurant






  • Get a good parade watching place earlier!


Disneyland is famous for its fantastic parade as well, thus it is necessary to get a good watching place.


P.s. Places near the secret ‘club 33’ is the best, if you are lucky enough to find it out! (Club 33 クラブ33, a super luxury restaurant in Disneyland only for VIP members and the only restaurant offering alcohol in Disneyland, it is possible to watching parade while having meals .)


  • Sometimes Japanese famous stars come to Disneyland to enjoy a holiday, if you are lucky you might meet some of them!




In Disneyland, there are more than fantastic attractions and charming shows!



  • Wedding in Disneyland!



Most of the girls dream about being a princess and get marry with a handsome prince! But when they grow up, they might give it up as it seems too good to be truth. But do not worry! There is nothing impossible in Disneyland!


Disneyland offers you perfect wedding! You can be Snow-white, Cinderella, Belle!







For more information



  • In Disneyland hotel, it offers different types of room, you can live in Cinderella room or Beauty and the Beast, even Alice in wonderland!


Alice in Wonderland





Beauty and the Beast










Tinker Bell





For more information






Things better to bring


  • Drinks (Alcohol is forbidden, there are also several places offering free water).


  • Comfortable clothes and shoes.


  • Raincoat or clothes get dry quickly & shoes okay to get wet.


  • Hat or cap.
  • (Flat ones are better since you have to take it off during parade and show ).


  • Umbrella (For both sunshine and rain).


  • Towel for cooling.


  • Sunscreen.


  • Small electric fan.







Date can be extremely crowed


On the birthday of Disney main characters, it will be really crowed. It is better to avoid going to these days if you are not Disney mania fan.


Mickey 18th November

Goofy 25th May

Donald 9th June






Further information

Please check the Official Website for information about shops, restaurant and hotels.









We arrange tickets on your behalf! 


Nozomi Co. Ltd. arranges tickets of various events held in all over Japan on your behalf. It only takes 3 minutes to make a request! It’s Fast・Easy・Convenient, so please use our service.

When making purchasing request to our company, we charge JPY 2000 per ticket as a service fee. Upon making purchasing request, please pay “ticket price + service fee”. If you wished the ticket to be delivered via mail, delivery fee must be paid as well. (Example) Ticket Fee Price x number + JPY 2000 Service Fee + Delivery Fee (We are using Japan Post’s EMS. For the price chart, please click here).

If there is any ticket you want to purchase, please let us know the ticket event’s name and number of ticket, and send us request from the Contact Form page. We will promptly reply back with more details and price estimation.

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