Parades of Powerful, Traditional Dances ,, Yosakoi Matsuri!






Yosakoi is a Japanese traditional dance, originated in Kochi, where this festival is held. During this festival, 19,000 dancers in bright colored costume from about 200 Yosakoi dance teams perform their original Yosakoi dance and music. By touring around the 12 venues of this festival and watch many different styles of performance, you can feel their passion for Yosakoi!




Event Schedule

From 9 August to 12 August every year

On 9 August: Opening ceremony and performance by the previous year awarded teams

On 10 and 11 August: Main festival

On 12 August: National Yosakoi Competition and Closing Ceremony




How to Purchase the Ticket

All venues are free to enter but an special area called Sajikiseki (桟敷席) at Otesujihonbukyouenjou (追手筋本部競演場). The area is set on both sides of the street where Ootemae High School and Tosa Girls’ High School are. It costs you JPY 1800 (about USD $15) for a reserved seat and JPY 1300 (about USD $11) for an unreserved one. You can purchase on website called Ticket Pier (but you have to collect tickets from printing machines at convenience store in Japan.)


How to Enjoy


Where to go


On 9 August, the opening ceremony is held at Chuo Park from 16:30, then from 19:30 there will be fireworks along Kagami River.


On 10 and 11 August, during the main festival, you can see performances by about 200 Yosakoi teams at 12 different venues. You should get a venue map (


The timetable is fixed only for performance showed at Otesujihonbukyouenjou (追手筋本部競演場). You can get the timetable as well.


The order of performances at other venues is according to the order in which they register on the day of the festival, so there is no fixed timetable for other venue. Therefore, if you don’t mind, you can just pop in any of the venues and enjoy Yosakoi by random teams. If you have some particular Yosakoi teams, you want to watch, you can check ‘dokoiko service (どこいこサービス)’ to find out where they perform. (


On 12 August, the national Yosakoi competition is held at 4 venues, which are Kochijo castle, Ootesujihonbukyouenjo, Obiyamachienbujou and Chuo Park. At Chuo Park, there is also a closing ceremony and festival afterward, so it is probably best to go to Chuo Park to fully enjoy the last day of the festival.





What to see


Different teams use different types of music, uniform and dances. You can enjoy varieties of Yosakoi performance and find your favorite! In addition, you will be impressed with their performance which is accompanied by Naruko, Japanese musical instrument. The tune of Naruko together with the music will surely makes you excited!








Venue: Kochi City (near Hasuike-machidori Station)




How to get to Kochi City


【Route 1】

If you travel by air, there are flights from Haneda, Itami and Fukuoka to Takamatsu Ryoma Airport. Shuttle bus runs from the airport to JR Kochi Station.


【Route 2】

If you want to take trains, go to JR Okayama Station and then take JR express to Kochi station. There is also a night train running from Tokyo to Sakaide called ‘Sunrise Seto(サンライズ瀬戸)’. From Sakaide, you can take JR express to Kochi Station



You can catch night coach from Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Mie and Nagoya to Kochi Station.


From Kochi Station

It’s only about 13 minute walk from the station to Kochi City center, or you can take tram to Hasuikemachidori Station (on Tosadensanbashi Line), and walk for 4 minutes to the city center.




・book your hotel early!

It’s always crowded with participants and tourists during the festival in Kochi city. You might not be able to book your hotel if you started searching hotels just before the festival. We recommend you to make hotel reservation in advance. If you can’t find anywhere to stay in Kochi city, try finding one in Kagawa, which is 2 hours by express train from Kochi. The train costs about JPY 5000 (about USD $51) for one way trip, but you can enjoy delicious Udon noodle in Kagawa in addition to Yosakoi festival!


Tourist Attractions Nearby



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