Dance on the Ice ~ All Japan Figure Skating Championships















All Japan Figure Skating Championships is the tournament that decides the best skater in Japan, sponsored by Japan Skating Federation. Marking its 84th tournament in 2015, the current champion is Hanyu Yuzuru who has secured his championship for three consecutive years.






Event Schedule


Around the end of December (four days)

Upcoming: 84th All Japan Figure Skating Championships

Date: December 24 ~ 27, 2015

Venue: Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena (Sapporo, Hokkaido)






How to Purchase Ticket


Ticket is open for general sales during the beginning of November. The ticket can be brought from Lawson Ticket (, Ticket Pia (, and E-Plus ( (No English Support). However, the ticket could only be purchase within Japan.


Please contact Nozomi Co. Ltd.for details about ticket.











Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena


Bus from within Sapporo

  1. From Subway Makomanai Station (15 minutes from Otsu Station), take Jotetsu Bus Minami 90, 95, 96, 97, 98 or Kan 96. Please get off at “Kamimachi Icchome (Four stops from Makoaman Station; about 5 mins) and walk 5 minutes.


  1. From Subway Nakanoshima Station (5 mins from Otsu Station), take Jotetsu Bus Minami 65 or Kan 56. Please get off at “Makomanai Honmachi Stop (20 mins from Nakanoshima Station) and walk 10 minutes.


  1. From Nishi 11-Chome Subway Station, take Jotetsu Bus Minami 4 bound for Minami-machi 4-chome). Please get off at Akebono-cho bus stop (about 20 min.), and then walk 2 min.



Using Public Transportation from Shin-Chitose Airport

  1. Bus: Take Hokuto Kotsu: Bound for APA Hotel & Resort [Sapporo] via Makomanai Station (55 mins) and get off at Makomanai Station
  2. JR: Rapid Airport Liner departing from Shin-Chitose Airport (40 mins) and get off at Sapporo Station. Then transfer to Subway Nanboku Line and get off at the station to get to the bus top (written above).






Points to Note


Figure skating is categorized into four segments, Men’s single, Ladies’s single, Pair, Ice Dance. The type of competition is classified into short program or free (long) program. However, Ice Dance is classified into compulsory dance, original dance, and free dance. The Judge will rank the performance according to how well the dance goes well with the music. Though mostly attention would be paid to jump, spin, steps, or any dynamic movements, please try to observe the music, choreography, and skaters’ expression as well. In addition, Single / Pair / Ice Dance are different segments, which have different highlights, observing and comparing the difference also is interesting.






Things you should bring


Opera glass, binocular



Small cushion (pillow)






Cautionary notes


  • Toilet is not crowded right after the gate is opened, so please go to toilet as soon as you enter the venue. However, after that it would become very crowded so we advised to avoid using toilet after that. Also please try not to drink a lot of water during the performance. Since most of the audiences are women, the toilet is likely to be crowded during the break time.


  • You cannot go to toilet (go outside) during the performance. If you really need to go to toilet, please do so during the short break between performances.


  • If you want to throw bouquet or gifts, please make sure it does not spread out and interfere with the performance. (There are cases in which bouquets are not sold out at the venue)








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