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Aomori Nebuta Matsuri is a summer festival held in Aomori (青森市, the capital city of Aomori Prefecture). Each year, there are over 3 million people joining the festival. And it is most famous of Nebuta (giant figures on the festival-cars) and Haneto dance. (Dance with special costumes)






Event schedule


From 2nd to 7th in August







How to Purchase the Ticket


Free for watching all the parade and events.

There are also special audience seats for watching the festival. 2600 JPY per person.






How to enjoy


See the Nebuta!

Nebuta refers to those festival car with giant figures on it. Most of the figures are from some famous ancient stories, such as Water Margin (Chinese name, Shui Hu Zhuan) and Records of the Three Kingdoms (Chinese name, Sanguozhi), some also from Kabuki (classical Japanese dance-drama) and traditional Japanese myth. Usually, the size of Nebuta is around 5m high, 9m wide, 7m deep, together nearly 4 tons and with light inside. The face of each figure is so vivid that you even can feel it is coming to you!



Watch and enjoy Haneto dance!

In Japanese, the kanji of haneto means dancing people, thus Haneto refers to dance around Nebuta. The biggest event includes nearly 2000 people.



One of the most exciting things during Nebuta Matsuri is to join in dancing Haneto dance. It is free to anyone and no reservation is needed, but you need to wear Haneto costume. Costumes are sold in department store nearby (about 10,000JPY per person). Or you can also rent costume from shops. (about 4000JPY per person.)



Do not miss the beautiful Fireworks!

On the last day of Nebuta festival, the winner Nebuta will be put a ship and start its one night journey on the sea, at the same time, there will be 10 thousand firework set off at the head of it! Surely, you will love the secene!






Best time to go


Each year, Nebuta festival can be quiet crowd, especially on the finally firework day, significant congestion is expected at Aomori Station 1 hour before the festival starts and soon after it is over. Our suggestion is to go to the festival around 2 hours before and leave 1 hour earlier or later








Aomori Station



Route 1. From Tokyo


  • By plane

Take plane from Haneda Airport to Aomori Airport (1h and 25mins) →

Take limousine bus to Aomori Station (35 mins)


  • By train

Take Tohoku Shinkansen line to Shin-Aomori(3h and 20mins) →take Ouu line to Aomori Station(7mins).



Route 2. From Sapporo


  • By plane

Take plane from New Chitose Airport to Aomori airport (50mins) →

Take limousine bus to Aomori Station (35 mins)


  • By train

Take Limited Express Super Hokuto to Hakodate(3h and 15mins) →take Limited Express Super Hakucho to Aomori Station(1h and 50mins).



Route of Nebuta Matsuri




Find more about Aomori Nebuta Matsuri






Tourist Attractions Nearby


Nebuta Warasse




Aomori Bay Bridge










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