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FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, also known as ‘Fuji Rock’, is a biggest outdoor festival in Japan. It gathers more than 200 groups of musician from Japan and abroad. There are also other genres aside from Rock as well. Aside from the 6 big stages, there are also many small stages. It is a festival where various artists perform at different stages at the same time.






Event Schedule


The event will be held around end of July.

Date: July 22 (Fri) ~ 24 (Sun), 2016

Venue: Naeba Ski Resort at Yuzawa-machi, Niigata Prefecture.








Basically there are two types of ticket, one day ticket and 3 day pass ticket. Aside from this, there are also car parking ticket and camp ticket (ticket holder can set up a tent in the camp area), Moon Caravan Ticket (Exclusive Parking Ticket + Exclusive Camp Ticket + 3 Day Pass Ticket). For more details about the ticket types, please refer to the Official Homepage:

Fuji Rock Festival Official Site


English Version Site:

Ticket Price:

Tickets Selling Schedule 1 Day Ticket 2 Day Ticket 3 Day Ticket
Early Bird Discount Tickets (Limited Q’tys) From 2/20th (Sat) JPY 17000  (USD $160) JPY 32000

 (USD $300)

JPY 39800

 (USD $370)

Advance Tickets (Limited Q’tys)
From 4/9th (Sat)
JPY 18000 

(USD $170)

JPY 34000

 (USD $318)

JPY 39800

 (USD $370)

General Tickets
From 6/4th (Sat)
JPY 19000

 (USD $188)

JPY 36000

 (USD $337)

JPY 43000

 (USD $403)

*Admission free for children under the age of 15. Must be accompanied by an adult.


Campsite Ticket            JPY 3000 (USD $30) *only within the period

Parking Ticket               JPY 3000 (USD $30) *per vehicle per day (must be 2 or more person per vehicle)

*For those travelling by motorcycle (vehicles above scooter class), the festival car park is available for use. A fee of ¥1000 (cash only, limited to festival period only) will be charged upon entry.

Moon Caravan Ticket

  4-wheel vehicle 2-wheel vehicle
Parking Ticket ¥12,000 (Per vehicle *must be 2 or more people per vehicle) ¥6,000 (Per vehicle *from 1 person)
Campsite Ticket ¥3,000 (per person) ¥3,000 (per person)
Admission Ticket 3 Day Tickets 3 Day Tickets
  • An exclusive ticket which is required to use the auto camp facility,
  • *Only sold as a set with admission tickets.

**USD prices are based on the rate as of April 12, 2016




How to Purchase Ticket


Regular sales start from mid-May, pre-sale starts from February to May. The ticket is sold at E-plus, Laswon Ticket, Ganban, etc. However, these dealers do not have English support. If you want to purchase the ticket, please contact Nozomi Co. Ltd.








・Via Shinkansen

Get off at JR East “Echigo-Yuzawa Station”. Take the shuttle bus to the venue.

Aside from Joetsu Shinkansen Line, you can also use Joetsu Line / Hokuetsu Express Hokuhoku Line.


Note: If you want to go back in the same day, please take note of the last train time. If you stay until the last performance, you cannot catch up the last train departing from Echigo-Yuzawa Station.


Things to Bring:







・Raincoat, Foldable Umbrella



・A change of cloth

・Health Insurance Copy

・Necessities for staying over, tent (Camp Ticket) *In case of staying over



Useful things to bring:


・Plastic bas




・Waist Pouch


・Insect Repellant



・Contact Lens Case




Nearby hotel, guesthouse, or tent (Campsite Ticket).



If you have any performances you wanted to watch, please go to toilet before the show.

Venue Map








We arrange tickets on your behalf! 


Nozomi Co. Ltd. arranges tickets of various events held in all over Japan on your behalf. It only takes 3 minutes to make a request! It’s Fast・Easy・Convenient, so please use our service.

When making purchasing request to our company, we charge JPY 2000 per ticket as a service fee. Upon making purchasing request, please pay “ticket price + service fee”. If you wished the ticket to be delivered via mail, delivery fee must be paid as well. (Example) Ticket Fee Price x number + JPY 2000 Service Fee + Delivery Fee (We are using Japan Post’s EMS. For the price chart, please click here).

If there is any ticket you want to purchase, please let us know the ticket event’s name and number of ticket, and send us request from the Contact Form page. We will promptly reply back with more details and price estimation.

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