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   J League refers to Japan Professional Football League, there are also some of them called J1 League.


How to Purchase Ticket

Tickets are available on J League official site


Firstly, choose a season club or game. Next, choose the type of seats and payment method. Please pay attention to that special seats and VIP seats tickets (reserved ones) might be sold out soon. Sometimes there will be tickets sold on the game day , but it is unsure , thus our suggestion is to buy it as soon as possible. Also , tickets are available in Japanese convenience store.

Any questions or to purchase tickets , please contact us.



Main types of seats

There are mainly three types of seat , Main stand , Back stand, Behind goal side . Each has its own advantages.

・Main stand

Reserved seats, possible to see the whole ground , it is almost the same angle with watching the game from television

・Back stand

Back stand is at the opposite side of Main stand, which makes it easier to see the whole ground. Also,it is popular among families and groups since its cheaper price.

・Behind goal side

The best place to give support to players.

※Including both ‘home side’ and ‘away side’.


Other types of seats (Depending on each stadium)

・Suit Box Independent room for 18 people. (Kashima Antlers 鹿島アントラーズ)

・WONDER seat Seat with desk, available for eating .(Urawa Red Diamonds 浦和レッズ)

・Air seat Seats with comfortable air cusion.(F.C .TOKYO FC東京)

・Umbro seat Be able to watch games at flank. (F.C .TOKYO FC東京)

・Family, group,party seats. Special seats for families and a group of people.(Kawasaki Frontale 川崎フロンターレ)



Sports venue changes with its club, please go to official website for more information.




Basically, only the ticket is necessary, no special uniform is needed. But still, according to the weather ,there might be necessary to bring a raincoat ,since soccer game will not be stopped even if it rains. On the other side, remember to bring a cap and enough water when there is a special hot temperature. Also, some newspaper might be helpful when there is a need to put bags on the ground, and one plastic bag for rubbish as well. Besides , to further enjoy soccer game, don not forget binoculars , seat cushion.



Stadium events

  • Stadim Gourmet

There will be different kinds of local delicacies and sweets served at the stadium.

  • Also other events depending on each stadium.

e.g. At Kawasaki Frontale( 川崎フロンターレ),there is a interaction event with animalsa .and having Chankonabe (ちゃんこなべ,A stew‐like dish traditionally served to sumo wrestlers.) with formula cars’ players.

For those who want to attend these event , remember to reach the stadium 2 hours be Kickoff.

There are shops for souvenirs at the stadium.

To check more details on kids’ event , please visit official website of each stadium.




   Find more about Japan Professional Football League on :




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If there is any ticket you want to purchase, please let us know the ticket event’s name and number of ticket, and send us request from the Contact Form page. We will promptly reply back with more details and price estimation.

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