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Next Generation World Hobby Fair, often called as “world hobby fair”, is known as Japan’s largest exhibition for children. Many famous television games and toys companies exhibit booths, open trials for new games and hobbies, as well as held pre-sale and limited sales of certain goods. This event mainly targets elementary to middle school students. We recommend you to come as a family.






Event Schedule

Summer ・End or Beginning of the Year

Upcoming event: Next Generation World Hobby Fair 2015

Date: June 27 (Sat) ・28 (Sun)

Time: 9:00~16:00

Venue: Makuhari Messe





How to Purchase Ticket

Free Entrance




How to Enjoy


Enjoy new games and hobbies

You can try the latest television games, arcade games, etc. for free. However, please note that you have to wait around 2 hours for popular games. For Nintendo 3DS, there is a free distribution of limited games software, free movies, manga, and novel download corner. We highly recommend Nintendo 3DS users to bring their games device to the venue. After trying the games, visitors can received special clear files, stickers, stamp rally card, etc., thus, so we recommend you to come early.


Enjoy the Stage!

At the Special Stage, there is a character performance from popular anime such Mario, Pokemon, Detective Conan, etc., as well as talk session with voice actors, and popular manga artist’s signing event.


Let’s get the souvenir!

You can receive souvenir bag which contain stickers, postcards, etc. at the venue entrance. The souvenir inside is always gorgeous that the just coming to the event to get the souvenir is already worth it.


Best time to go

We recommend you to go to the venue as soon as possible. Since there is a limited edition goods, pre-sale goods, etc. at the Special Good Sales Venue, some people even line up all night to get hands on the goods. Therefore, it is recommendable to start lining up from 6 A.M. Please note that there is a numbered ticket to help keep the queue.

Although, you went to the venue exactly on the opening time, we expected that it you will have to wait for two hours.

To save time, set goals about what you want to do, what you want to see, etc. before entering the venue, so you could exactly do what you want when you step into the hall.







Makuhari Messe

Closest Station

JR Keiyo Line  Makuhari Station (Walk 7 minutes to the venue)

JR Sobu Line      Hongo Station, Keisei Line Hongo Station (15 minutes bus ride to the venue)


From Central Tokyo to Makuhari

Tokyo →JR Keiyo Line (Rapid 30 mins. All-stop train 40 mins) →Makuhari

Yurakucho→Yurakucho Subway Line (12 minutes) →Shin-Kiba→JR Keiyo Line → Makuhari


From Central Tokyo to Hongo Station

Akihabara→JR Sobu Line (40 mins) →Hongo

Ueno→Keisei Line (40 mins) →Hongo


From Airport to Makuhari Messe

Haneda Airport→Limousine Bus (40 mins) →Makuhari

Narita Airport→Limousine Bus (30 mins) →Makuhari





Caution Notes

If you wanted to buy limited edition goods, please enter the hall from Special Goods Sales Venue Gate.

In the event, there is Special Goods Sales Venue and Games & Hobby Exhibition Venue. If you entered through Special Goods Sales Venue Entrance, you can still enter Games & Hobby Exhibition Venue. However, if you entered through Games & Hobby Entrance, you have to get out once, and line up at the Special Goods Sales Venue Entrance again. Therefore, people who have priority in buying limited edition goods should enter the hall from Special Goods Sales Venue Entrance.





Things you should bring



You need put in souvenir, etc. at once, so it is really useful. In case of small children,

please also keep eyes on them and do not let go of your hands.


Goods and snacks strategy to deal with waiting time

Adults would be tired from waiting, but it would be even more for children. Most of the children would have brought their 3DS or other games devices, but we also recommend you to bring snacks and drinks as well.


Crowded Toilet

Toilet inside the venue will be extremely crowded, so it would be best to avoid using it. If it’s unavoidable, please check the toilet locations in advance. Also please set a meeting time and location in case you lost from your friends or family







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