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Summer Sonic, or also known as ‘Samasoni’, is an urban rock festival, held every year from early to mid-August for two days in Tokyo (Chiba) and Osaka. The concept is an urban festival where you can go even for a just day trip. It is urban style festival which extruded commercial property, delivering a momentous, powerful stage.






Event Schedule


Early to mid-August for two days

Upcoming: August 20~21, 2016 at Tokyo and Osaka (will be held at the same time)

On August 19, Sonic Mania will be held at Tokyo Venue.

In addition, there will ‘All Night Event’ held during the night of SUMMER SONIC 2016, only at Tokyo Venue.



How to Purchase Ticket


Official Homepage


(2016 version; English Version)


The ticket can be purchase from ticket dealers’ website, introduced in the Official Homepage. The ticket will be on sale during the end of May of every year. After that, the list of performers will be announced. If the participation of famous artists is announced, the tickets would become sold out instantly. The two day pass tickets are especially sold out fast. Aside from one day and two day pass ticket, there is also platinum ticket. Platinum ticket is a one day pass ticket that comes with special privilege. Special privileges includes exclusive viewing area, exclusive lounge, exclusive cloak, fast lane in the goods sales corner, welcome drink, exclusive shuttle bus within venue (only in Tokyo). Platinum ticket also sold out fast. Please refer to other cautionary notes in the Official Homepage. If you want to be sure that you could get hands on the ticket, please contact Nozomi Co. Ltd.



SUMMER SONIC Admission Ticket

One Days Ticket            JPY 16500 (USD $154) 

Platinum                         JPY 30000 (USD $280)

Two Day Pass                JPY 30500 (USD $285)


**USD prices are based on the rate as of April 12, 2016



Ticket Dealers’ Website (partially)






http://r-t.jp/summersonic ← Has English and Chinese Support



Performing Artists in 2016

Tokyo http://www.summersonic.com/2016/lineup/

Osaka http://www.summersonic.com/2016/lineup/osaka.html



SONIC MANIA http://www.summersonic.com/2015/lineup/mania.html

All NIGHT http://www.summersonic.com/2015/lineup/night.html









Tokyo Venue: QVC Marine Field & Makuhari Messe


Nearest Station: Makuhari Station


・From Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station  JR Keiyo Line Bound for Soga (12 Station) → Makuhari Station → 7-minute walk (Makuhari Messe) →  15-minute walk to QVC Marine Field



Osaka Venue: Maishima Summer Sonic Osaka Special Venue


Nearest Station: JR Sakurajima Station


・From Osaka Station

Osaka Station JR Kanku Rapid Bound for Kansai Airport Line (2 stops) → transfer at Nishikujō Station to JR Yumesaki Line (3 stops) → Sakurajima Station → Shuttle Bus Bound for Maishima Summer Sonic Special Venue (charge)



Cautionary Notes


  • This is a festival held for longs hours, therefore please wear comfortable clothes. Also please take preventive measure in taking care of your health by bringing enough water and be careful of heat stroke.


  • There are cases in which artists performing in Tokyo and Osaka are different.


  • You are allowed to bring pet bottle. However, for in an outdoor stage block and indoor stage, you are only allowed to bring pet bottle containing ‘water’.


  • If you do not feel well, please withdraw from venue.


  • Let’s memorize the timetable so you could manage the time to go see your favorite artist.


Things to Bring:






・Rain, Foldable Umbrella



・A change of cloth

・Health Insurance Copy


Useful things to bring:

・Plastic bas




・Waist Pouch


・Insect Repellant



・Contact Lens Case








We arrange tickets on your behalf! 


Nozomi Co. Ltd. arranges tickets of various events held in all over Japan on your behalf. It only takes 3 minutes to make a request! It’s Fast・Easy・Convenient, so please use our service.

When making purchasing request to our company, we charge JPY 2000 per ticket as a service fee. Upon making purchasing request, please pay “ticket price + service fee”. If you wished the ticket to be delivered via mail, delivery fee must be paid as well. (Example) Ticket Fee Price x number + JPY 2000 Service Fee + Delivery Fee (We are using Japan Post’s EMS. For the price chart, please click here).

If there is any ticket you want to purchase, please let us know the ticket event’s name and number of ticket, and send us request from the Contact Form page. We will promptly reply back with more details and price estimation.

Our company is located in Kyoto, the world’s renowned tourism city, with 13 years of history. We provide services for foreign tourist travelling to Japan. We offer not only ticket arrangement service for event or concert, but also attractive activities, famous restaurants, and tourist attractions that only provide reservation in Japanese. Don’t you want to try a unique travel experience? Please feel free to contact with us.

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