Nico Nico Super Conference, where virtual meets reality ~
















Nico Nico Super Conference is an event with the concept of reproducing “Nico Nico Video” live. In addition to Nico Nico Video user, there are also various exhibitors, Sumo, Pro-Wrestlers, Police, Self-Defense Forces, jumbling together to make a chaos event.  






   What is Nico Nico Video?  


 The word “Niconico” is a Japanese term meaning “to laugh” or “smile” while “Douga” denotes videos or movies. Niconico Douga is the No. 1 video community site in Japan with a plethora of fun video content that’ll have you “niconico” in no time. What sets Niconico apart from other video hosting sites? It’s original commenting system, of course. Comments from its viewers display over the video screen allowing users to interact with one another in real time. Niconico is home to a virtually endless library of user video content covering several genres such as Vocaloid, Sang_it, Danced_it, Played_it and Let’s Play.  






   Event Schedule    


Last Saturday ~ Sunday of April (two days)

Upcoming event: Nico Nico Super Conference 2016 Date: Undecided  






   How to Purchase Ticket    


The ticket can be bought from the Official Homepage.  



   How to Enjoy    


Witness the Live Large Game Tournament

Here in this event, the decisive battle between Japan and United States in popular games “Super Smash Bro. Brawl” or sometimes known as “Super Mario “is held. You can witness the highest peak of the battle between Japan and United States. Moreover, the final round in deciding the champion of “All Japan Poker Championship” is also held here. The winner here will proceed to the world tournament, which has the money prize worth 10 billion yen. In the near future, the Poker Championship match would also be open to spectator.  


Rare Chance in Watching Live Sumo and Pro-Wrestling Tournament

You can watch Sumo and Pro-Wrestling match. If you were to stand and watch, you do not have to pay additional charge aside aside from the entrance fee. During the tournament, there will be live broadcasting as well as big monitor screen, which will show live-viewers’ comments during the match. The experience of watching traditional Sumo with Nico Nico User is unique, new experience that is waiting for you.  






   Best Time to Go   


If you went exactly on the opening time, you will have to likely wait for about 1~3 hours. But if you enter the venue after 14:00, you can enter the venue without lining up.  










Makuhari Messe

Closest Station

1.JR Keiyo Line  Makuhari Station  (Walk 7 minutes to the venue)

2.JR Sobu Line   Hongo Station

3.Keisei Line Hongo Station (15 minutes bus ride to the venue)  


Ways to take train


From Central Tokyo to Makuhari Tokyo →JR Keiyo Line (Rapid 30 mins. All-stop train 40 mins) →Makuhari


Yurakucho→Yurakucho Subway Line (12 minutes) →Shin-Kiba→JR Keiyo Line → Makuhari  


From Central Tokyo to Hongo Station Akihabara→JR Sobu Line (40 mins) →Hongo Ueno→Keisei Line (40 mins) →Hongo  


From Airport to Makuhari Messe Haneda Airport→Limousine Bus (40 mins) →Makuhari Narita Airport→Limousine Bus (30 mins) →Makuhari  








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