5 place Tom Cruise visited in Japan where you shouldn’t miss



Tom Cruise has been to Japan for 21 times and is known as a Japanese culture lover! Do you visit Japan more than him? Do you want to try the place that even appeal huge star like him? Below we are going to introduce 5 places that attract this attractive celebrity!










  The Soba restaurant that Tom Cruise and Steve Jobs  visited!   


It is said that not only Tom Cruise but also Steve Jobs and other celebrities like Robert De Niro and Dennis Hopper have visited here during their time in Kyoto Japan. This restaurant has lasted more than 2 centuries which means the period of Edo and the period of Samurai!






Restaurant name KAWAMICHI
Opening time 11:00~19:30 (close at Thursday)
URL http://www.kawamichiya.co.jp/misokaan/
Transportation Hankyu Line Karasuma Oike stop walk for few mins







   Japanese Hotel Tom Cruise and Steve Jobs stayed!   


Here is the choice of Tom Cruise when he stayed in Kyoto, Japan. TARAWAYA has last in the central kyoto for more than 3 centuries from Edo Period as well. In the biology of Steve Job, he also mentioned this hotel. Do you want to spend a fantastic night in a 300 years old hotel in kyoto? This is your best choice!








Tel 075-211-5566
transportation Walk from Kyoto prefecture st. for few mins
Google map Google map
Advice Here is the center of Kyoto so going everywhere is really convenient while at the same time, it’s the great place to visit if you want to experience the traditional style of Japan.









   Exotic Hotel in Okinawa that even Tom Cruise visited!  


This hotel is located in Okinawa, the passionate island of Japan! In this hotel, you can enjoy the cozy wind of subtropics and the exotic scenery that even appeal Tom Cruise to stay! If you get used to the normal tiresome travel schedule, why not having a spa and a enjoyable time with your accompaniers in the warm water pool!





URL http://www.ritzcarlton.com/ja/Properties/Okinawa/Default.htm


Access http://www.ritzcarlton.com/ja/Properties/Okinawa/Information/Directions/Default.htm
Tel +81 980 43 5555
Link to reserve https://www.ritzcarlton.com/ja/Properties/Okinawa/Reservations/Default.htm#top







   Japanes dessert that Tom Cruise bought 50 boxes!! 


If you visit here, you can ask shop keeper which ones Tom Cruise bought. On the other hand, this shop sell not only cake roll but also meals that you can give it a try. When purchasing the cake roll, it’s case is very Japanese style and unique as well.







Name Kineya
OPENING TIME 8:00~19:00
URL http://tabelog.com/hyogo/A2805/A280501/28009108/
TRASPORTATION From Himeji st. walk 7 mins







   Beach Tom Cruise went secretly in Okinawa!   


Okinawa is famous for its sky blue beach. Some fans of Tom Cruise said they met him on the beach in Nago city, Okinawa once during his visit in Japan.





City name NAGO
URL http://kanko.city.nago.okinawa.jp/
TRANSPORTATION Take airplane to go to Okinawa and take NO.120 bus








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