Too Beautiful to Eat, Japanese Candy Craft Art~









Candy craft can be found in many countries around the world such as China, Thailand, Taiwan, and even in Western countries. However, the most unique point in Japanese candy craft is in its very detailed and realistic look. There are wide varieties of design of candies; from anime characters to ikebana (traditional Japanese flower arrangement) arts.







【Name】Ameshin (アメシン)

【Address】1F 1-4-3, Imado, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0024




Approximately 10 – 15min walk from Asakusa Station of each line (Tokyo Metro Ginza line, Tobu Railway and Toei Asakusa Line)

【Access from Asakusa Station】

Taito Ward Circulation Bus “Megurin” / Toei Bus Higashi (east) 42 Otsu (東42乙): 1min walk from River Side Sports Center Mae

Toei Bus Higashi (east) 42 Kou (東42甲): 3 min walk from Asakusa Nana(7)-chome bus stop

Panda Bus Asakusa Route (free circulation bus): front of the Imado Jinja (shrine) bus stop


【Open Hours】11:00 – 18:00










【Online Reservation (available for up to 2 weeks in advance)】URL:

【Schedule / Availability (2nd calendar)】

【Reservation by Phone (especially if you are booking within 3 days prior to the date)】03-5808-7988 / 090-4457-2082

【Group Reservation】Available with maximum number of 12 people at once





   Price and Plans   


  • 3,000 JPY (approx. USD $24) for adult / 2,500 JPY (approx. USD $20) for under high school student





   How to Enjoy   


History and Uniqueness

It is said that candy craft has introduced to Japan around 796, by a Chinese craftsman settled down in Kyoto. In the era of Edo, there were many merchants selling candies on the street and some of them were selling crafted candies, especially after these street merchants got old.

In Kansai area (west), it was more common to blow a reed into candy pastry tip and creating a shape, however it was more frangible. In Kanto area, a decoration technique with scissor is commonly used, which is now the fundamental method of Japanese candy crafting. This formation technique with scissor can only be found in Japanese candy crafting.







  • Reservation is required and in case of cancellation, you will be asked for full payment.


  • Parent’s accompaniment and assistance is required for child below elementary school.


  • Please pay attention to your instructor carefully as you will be using scissors and heat equipment during the lesson.


  • The shop cannot be responsible for any injury occurred during the lesson.


  • The shop does not sell their artwork in Asakusa main branch. If you wish to purchase their artwork and see the process (without taking the lesson), please visit their branch in Tokyo Sky Tree Town Soramachi branch.


【Address】1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 1310045


Tokyo Sky tree Town Soramachi 4F, East Yard 11th

【Open Hours】10:00 – 21:00

【Access】Tokyo Sky Tree Station – Toei Asakusa Line, Keisei Oshiage Line

Oshiage Station – Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line






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