Be a Part of Tuna Auction in the World Largest Fish Market ~ Tsukiji Market







Tsukiji Market is the world’s biggest market located in central Tokyo. The market is divided into three 3 sections: seafood, vegetable/fruits, and processed goods, which totaled up to more than 480 kinds of food. Among these three sections in the market, fish market is most famous and unique.


Early every morning, there is a famous tuna auction where tourists are can freely see it. In the market, you can see a unique way of aunction called “Teyari(手槍)”, where only hand gestures is use to express your bid. It goes so fast that regular people cannot even follow with their eyes.






【Name】Tsukiji Fish Market 築地市場


【Address】5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 1048403


【Map URL】

Tour Reception: “Osakana Fukyuu Center(おさかな普及センター)”, near Kachidoki bridge

Location of the market:






[Route 1] A1 Exit Tsukiji Shijo(築地市場) Station in Oedo Line

[Route 2] Exit #1 or #2 Tsukiji(築地) Station in Hibiya Line

[Route 3] Tsukiji 3-chome(築地3丁目) Bus Stop (都04 or 05 / 業10)

[Route 4] Tsukiji-Chuo Ichiba(築地中央市場)Bus Stop (市01)

[Route 5] Tsukiji-eki(築地駅) Bus Stop (錦11)


【Tel】03-3547-8011 / 8013


【Closed】New year season (December – January)








【Timing】Reception starts at 5:00 A.M.


**The application will be closed as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit of 120 people (in most case, before 5:00 A.M.)


【Auction Timings】5:25 A.M. – 5:50 A.M. / 5:50 A.M. – 6:15 A.M.


【Limit Number of Participants】120 people (order of arrival)


【Reservation by Phone / Internet】Not available


【Group Reservation in advance】Not available. In order to attend, each participants needs to be physically present at the reception.




   How to Enjoy  


Tsukiji Market is a must visit place in Tokyo, as it is the world’s largest scale market. However, additional unique point about this market is its location. It is located in the central Tokyo and is only 1 kilometer away from the the most luxury district, Ginza.


After attending the auction, you cannot miss visiting the surrounding shops that are selling fresh fish and other kinds of seafood. Moreover, around the market, they are a lot of restaurants that served foods made from fresh seafood. It ranges from Japanese cuisine like sushi and seafood rice bowl to Italian seafood dishes. Beside from seafood, you can also enjoy other fresh food around the market.







REFERENCE (caution and detailed map) in English and Chinese


  • We recommend you to arrive at the reception earlier than 5:00 A.M., for example before 4:30 A.M., in order to secure the availability as the application will be closed as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit of 120 people (in most case, before 5:00 A.M.)


  • Market section is closed on every Wednesday, Sunday, and public holidays.


  • Photography is allowed during auction, but please do not use flash.


  • Please pay careful attention to surrounding objects in the market and auction area, in order to protect the auction environment.


  • Please be careful with vehicles (turret trucks) as the inside of the market is very clouded and busy.


  • Please be careful with wet floor in market.


  • You cannot bring stroller or any dangerous objects inside the market.


  • For your safety, do not wear sandals (flip flops) or high heels when attending the auction or entering the market. Additionally, you cannot bring your suitcases.


  • Tsukiji Fish Market cannot be response for any injury occurred in the market.


  • As waiting time is going to be quite long, we recommend you to bring warm clothes when you are going to the auction in the winter.


  • In order to protect the business environment and safety, infants cannot enter the market.


  • You can freely enter the entire market after 9 A.M.


  • If you wish to buy fresh seafood from the market, it will be useful to bring a cooler bag.






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