5 Most Interesting Activities to do in Kyoto



As Kyoto is best known as the old capital, where Japanese traditions are most preserved, don’t you think this is a perfect place where you can immerse and experience a true Japanese culture? Here we would like to recommend you a 5 most interesting to do in Kyoto.





1.Kimono Walking Experience ~ A unique sightseeing experience


When speaking of Kyoto, people often have an image of a traditional city with people strolling around in Kimono, traditional Japanese dress. Though it is rare to spot people wearing Kimono today, but you can just become one, for a day! In Kyoto, there are many kimono rental shop, where you can choose variety of Kimono and accessories you like, and wear it while sightseeing Kyoto. In addition, there are some shops and facilities that give discount and special privileges to customer who wear kimono as well.




Credit: http://yumekyoto-koudaijiten.on.omisenomikata.jp/





Credit: http://rentalkimono-kyoto.jp/category/blog-info/kyoto_s/



Our company, Nozomo Co. Ltd, provides kimono rental service as well as free photo taking service. We do not charge for photo taking service, but do sell the picture data of the photo we took for you. Of course, if there is no picture you like, there will be no charge incur. We charge JPY 5000 for kimono rental service and JPY 8000 for premium kimono (comes with hair set-up and more selections of kimono).


For more information please refer to: http://www.nzm.jp/phototour/





2.Let’s be Maiko / Geisha for a day!


If just wearing Kimono is not interesting enough for you, how about become Maiko or Geisha for a day? But also keep in mind that you might get mistaken as a real Maiko or Geisha and got photo taken!


Maiko / Geisha Experience requires more preparation time and is more costly than normal kimono experience, as Maiko and Geisha’s makeup and dressing is a lot more elaborate than normal kimono.


*Geisha is a female entertainer who specializes in many forms of arts such as music, poetry, dances, etc. Maiko is apprentice Geisha.





Credit: http://ameblo.jp/kokoromaiko/entry-11106079041.html





Credit: https://vivit.co.jp/plans/view/5386e4f9-3610-4018-b2ee-5418ac1f1393





Credit: http://ameblo.jp/kokoromaiko/entry-11611689682.html



Most tourists would go for Kimono Experience or Maiko Experience. However, there is one more, unconventional experience you can try: Oiran experience.


*Oiran is Japanese courtesan.





Credit: http://www.maiko-maiko.com/





Credit: http://bnrina.exblog.jp/21125285/




Kokoro Hanashizuku


Operating Hours 9:00 A.M. ~ 5: 0 P.M. (Last Reception)
Regular Holiday None
Address 273 Miyagawasuji 3, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City, KYOTO
Tel. +81-75-533-0075
Webpage http://www.maiko-maiko.com/ (Japanese)






3.Multi-course Meal (Kaiseki) at Kifune (Only Summer)


Kifune is small, rural town located in the northern mountains of Kyoto. In the summer, people often gather on a raised platform on the bank of a river for enjoying the cool summer breeze. As Kyoto is located in a basin, it is especially hot in the summer. Therefore, let’s forget the hot weather and enjoy multi-course meal (Kaiseki) people on the cool riverbed.





Credit: http://www.kibune-nakayoshi.co.jp/index.html





Credit: http://www.kibune-nakayoshi.co.jp/index.html





Credit: http://www.kibune-nakayoshi.co.jp/index.html





Credit: http://www.kibune-nakayoshi.co.jp/index.html





Credit: http://kibune-beniya.jp/





Credit: http://www.excite.co.jp/News/lifestyle/20150618/Ignite_73264.html






Operating Hours 11:00 A.M. ~ 9:00 P.M. (Last Reception 7 P.M.)
Regular Holiday December 30 ~ January 1
Address 87 Kuramakibune-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, KYOTO
Tel. +81-75-741-2147
Webpage http://hirobun.co.jp/ (Japanese)






4.Tea Ceremony Experience ~ A cultural experience~


Kyoto is known to be the hometown of Japanese green tea. In Kyoto, there are many tea ceremony classes that welcome all guests, even the beginners! Through learning Japanese tea ceremony, you can understand more about Japanese culture, etiquette, and relations between people. After learning the way of Japanese tea ceremony from Kyoto, you can try to do it for your friends and family in your home country.





Credit: http://withplace.info/archives/3234





Credit: http://withplace.info/archives/427





Credit: http://mikachanko.hatenablog.com/entry/2015/06/09/005516



Tea Ceremony En


Operating Hours Group Tea Ceremony (45 Mins)

2:00 / 3:00 / 4:00 / 5:00 / 6:00 P.M.

= JPY 2000 per person (USD $17)


Private Tea Ceremony (45 Mins)

1:00 / 2:00 / 7:00 P.M.

= JPY 4000 per person (USD $33.5)

*Cash Only

Regular Holiday New Year, 1st to 3rd of January
Address 72, Matsubara-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City
Tel. +81-80-3782-2706
Webpage http://www.teaceremonyen.com/






5.The Kitchen of Kyoto ~ Walk and Eat at Nishiki Market




Credit: https://retrip.jp/articles/1480/



Also known as the Kitchen of Kyoto, Nishiki Market has gathered more than one hundred shops and restaurant along two sides of the streets. Here you will find major ingredients of major Kyoto cuisines such as vegetables to all sorts of food. This is truly a food paradise, especially for people who love traditional Japanese food! Some shop also sell takeaway food such as skewers



Nishiki Market


Operating Hours 9:00 A.M. ~5:00 P.M. varies by stores
Regular Holiday Some shops closed on Wednesday
Address Nishikikoji-dori, Nakagyo-ku (between Teramachi and Takakura), KYOTO
Tel. +81-75-211-3882
Webpage http://www.kyoto-nishiki.or.jp/ (Japanese)

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