Best 5 hotels you must stay in Kyoto




There are many selections of hotels and inns in Kyoto. Here we are going to introduce five recommendable hotels that would suit your luxury stay.







No.1 The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto


This newly built hotel is located in the center of Kyoto city. It received five stars rating in the Michelin Guide Kansai 2015. From the hotel, you can see beautiful views of Kamogawa River and Higashiyama mountains. In addition, you can also experience Japanese culture through various activities held by the hotel.


Guest Activities


Kimono & Rickshaw

SAMURAI Experience

Kimono Experience

Japanese Sweets Experience


Sake Tasting


Please check the date and charge of activities from the website below.








Room Rate JPY 35,900 ~
Internet Wi-Fi and LAN cable access
Address Kamogawa Nijo-Ohashi Hotori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0902
Tel. +81 75 746 5555







No.2 Hotel Granvia Kyoto


Hotel Granvia Kyoto is has good accessibility as it is directly connected with JR Kyoto Station Building. It is also very convenient because JR Kyoto Station Building, which is connected to it, has a department store, museum, and a big underground shopping mall.








Room Rate JPY 7,200 ~
Internet Wi-Fi and LAN cable access
Address JR Kyoto Station, Karasuma Chuo-guchi, Shiokoji-sagaru, Karasuma-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8216
Tel. +81-(0)75-344-8888







No.3 Kyoto Brighton Hotel


The hotel is within the vicinity of Kyoto Imperial Palace. The hotel has been awarded with four stars rating in the Michelin Guide Kansai 2015. There are also many activities plans to choose from: Zen mediation experience, Maiko and Geisha experience, cycling plan, etc.







Room Rate JPY 5,500 ~
Internet Wi-Fi access
Address Nakadachiuri, Shinmachi-Dori,

Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-8071

Tel. +81 75 441 4411







No.4 Hyatt Regency Kyoto


Hyatt Regency Kyoto is a simply, designed hotel located near Kyoto National Museum, Chishakuin, Sanjusangendo, and Yogenin Temples. You can see Japanese garden from the Japanese style restaurant inside the hotel. There are also interesting activities programs: Meet the Maiko plan, River dining plan, Yukata dressing plan, etc.








Room Rate JPY 10,400 ~
Internet Wi-Fi access
Address 644-2 Sanjusangendo-mawari, Higashiyama-ku


Tel. +81 75 541 1234







No.5 Kyoto Hotel Okura


This is a long-established hotel with more than 120 years history, where you expect excellence service and warmth hospitality. You can see the views of the Kamogawa River and Higashiyama mountains from your room. The activities plans available include River dining plan, Kimono plan, etc.







Room Rate JPY 5,700 ~
Internet Wi-Fi and LAN cable access
Address Kawaramachi-Oike,Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto
Tel. +81 75 211 5111







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