Ginkakuji Temple (Silver Pavilion) was a private villa owned by Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa. He stood at top position when he was just 14 years old. In his later year, there was a fierce dispute regarding his successor. Ginkakuji Temple was built based upon Yoshimasa’s great artistic sense of interest.

Here we would like to introduce 5 interesting points about Ginkakuji that will help you enjoy Ginkakuji Temple even more!!




1.Know the cultural difference between Ginkakji and Kinkakuji


There are many differences between Ginkakuji and Kinkakuji, but you the.

Ginkakuji is two-story building, the first floor is like a modern days Japanese style room and is plainly decorated. On the other hand, Kinkakuji has 3 floors, each floor is uniquely, decorated in a gorgeous way. Both of them were built as a villa for people with authority at that time. However, both were built differently according to its owner preference; simple but beautiful Ginkakuji, or a lavish, elegant Kinkakuji.




2.The Mystery of the Sand Art


In front of Gingakuji Temple, there a place called ‘Ginshadan’ or ‘Sea of Silver Sand’ where sands are piled up.

The pattern of the sand garden looks a wave, but no one knows the reason. It is indeed, a mysterious sand art. Ginshadan contains white sands which is said to reflect the moonlight (reflection: 66cm). The idea is said to be devised during Edo Period. Close your eyes and imagine the white sand garden reflecting the moonlight? It is truly a fascinating sight!




3.Wide view of Ginkakuji Temple


Ginkakuji Temple is a place where you can enjoy beautiful scenery. The sight of Gingakuji Temple and its garden from the Observation Deck is the best photo spot. After enjoying the view from the top, and when you are getting down the please observe the walk way as well. Moreover, you can enjoy the four different, unique seasons.




4.Feel the charms and meaning of each element in the temple.


When you walked right passed the gates of Ginkakuji Temple, you will a walkway surrounded by a bamboo fence called Ginkakuji (Ginkakuji Fence). It is 50m long road,

But you can feel a mysterious and extraordinary atmosphere. In addition, you can visit the main hall and Togudo in spring with a special admission. The stones scattered in the pond inside the garden also has name its own name. Not only Ginkakuji Temple, but every building and living things has a meaning in itself.




5.Enjoy the Moss


Moving back to the corner of Ginkakuji Temple, there are rows of trees lining up. On the mountain surface, there is a closely tight moss growing on it. The garden of Ginkakuji Temple is modeled from the ‘Kokedera’ or ‘the Moss Temple’, so it’s easy to get caught by the sight of a moss. There are many kinds of mosses, among those also includes the pestering one. Though it might look like these mosses and tree naturally grows by itself, but it is actually neatly, well-maintained garden.




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