Bonsai is a Japanese art form using miniature trees grown in containers. Nowadays, the word of “Bonsai” is well known in worldwide, however the chance of experiencing Bonsai is very limited and often it is difficult to find a professional instructor.

At the Shunkaen, a Bonsai museum, not only you can see a lot of Bonsai art works, but also you can learn the details of Bonsai, such as several techniques, the care and what defines the beauty of Bonsai art.






【Name】Shunkaen BONSAI Museum 春花園BONSAI美術館

【Address】1-29-16 Nihori, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 1320001



[Route 1] JR Line Koiwa Station (小岩), South Exit → Take Keisei Bus #76 and get off at Keiyou-guchi (京葉口) Bus Stop (approx. 15min ride)

[Route 2] Toei Subway Shinjuku Line Mizue Station (瑞江), → Take Keisei Bus #76 and get off at Keiyou-guchi (京葉口) Bus Stop



【Opening Hours for Lesson】Every Sunday from 10am – 5pm (the class duration is an hour)

【Museum Closed】Mondays except national holidays








【Online Reservation】available via Email:

【Reservation by Phone】03-3670-8622




Price and Plans


  • Bonsai Lesson(Detail) Lesson fee:3000 JPY (approx. USD) per a person (2) Group discount is available for entrance fee. 
  • (3) Additional cost of 2,000 JPY (approx. USD) will apply, if you wish you to take your Bonsai away with you
  • + Entrance fee 800 JPY (approx. USD) (student: 600 JPY (approx. USD)) (1) Tea service is included in the entrance fee.
  • 【Price】Adult: 3800 JPY (approx. USD) / Student: 3600 JPY (approx. USD)




How to Enjoy


The practice of Bonsai art is developed by several unique techniques such as selective leaf trimming, pruning the trunk, branches and roots of the candidate tree, grafting new growing material and more. Those detailed information will be very helpful for you to enjoy your Bonsai lesson even more. Moreover, if you are already having great interest in Bonsai and have your own, you are most welcome to bring it to the lesson in order to get specific lesson on your Bonsai.






  • Please do not touch any of displayed Bonsai works in the garden.
  • Such tools, soil and wire for Bonsai are provided from the museum.
  • Please pay attention to your instructor carefully as you will be using scissors and other materials during the lesson.
  • The shop cannot be responsible for any injury occurred in the lesson.




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