5 pottery shops you should definitely visit!


Kyoto has been the center of the art of tea ceremony. Therefore pottery making has also been a big interest of people in Kyoto. Kiyomizuyaki is probably the most well-known one, so you may recognize all the Kyoto pottery as Kiyomizuyaki. However, the truth is there are several kinds of pottery that were born in Kyoto. They are all called Kyoyaki. Since everything is hand-made, there is no single work that is same as others. Let’s go and find your one and only!




No1 Kusaboshi (草星)


The shop is named after the Japanese name of one star in Plaiades. The owner’s wish is that their potteries fit in customers’ daily lifes. Best place to go when you want one that you can use every day in a casual manner.







Opening Hour 11am ~ 7pm
Regular Holidays Wednesdays
Address Kyoto-shi, Kamigyo-ku, Kawaramachi Marutamachi agaru, Demizucho 266-9
Webpage http://www.kusaboshi.jp/




No2 Akane (あ花音)


This shop’s collection focuses on works of contemporary artists who is connected to Kyoto. The owner is a lady, whose husband runs an antique shop, thus her eye for the beautiful is for sure. The collection is based on her taste, feminine and elegant, and suitable for casual use


Opening Hours 10:30am to 5:30pm
Regular Holidays Mondays
Address Kyoto-shi, Sakyo-ku, Nanzenji Fukuchicho, 83-1
Tel 075-752-4560
Webpage http://www.utsuwayaakane.com/









No3 Menami


Having as motto, ‘colorful, powerful, reasonable’, their potteries are not like something you can find at any shops. Let’s add some accent to your kitchen collection with their works full of the uniqueness!


Opening Hours 11am to 6pm
Regular Holidays Tuesdays
Address Kyoto-shi, Kita-ku, Koyama Hananokicho, 15
Tel 075-493-4353
Webpage http://www.k5.dion.ne.jp/~menami/









No4 Tosai (東哉)


They established their Kama (窯), workshop, in 1919, near Kiyomizu Temple. Since their first shop was opened in Ginza, Tokyo, in 1936, they have been creating their arts by combining the elegance of Kyoyaki and modernity of Tokyo. The essence of tradition of tradition fostered in Kyoto is what makes their works beautiful and attractive.


Opening Hours 10am to 5pm
Regular Holidays Tuesdays
Address Kyoto-shi, Higashiyama-ku, Gojohashi Higashi, 6-538-4
Tel 075-561-4130
Webpage http://www.to-sai.com/









No5 Nakatani (中谷)


This shop is ocated right at the bottom of Kodaiji Temple, the center of Kiyomizuyaki. They also have potteries of various artists in japan as well as their original works. Their work, elegant and of high quality, might be expensive but totally worth buying for lifelong use.


Opening Hour 10am to 6pm
Regular Holidays Please ask them directly
Address Kyoto-shi, Higashiyama-ku, Kodaiji Masuyacho 362-13
Tel 075-551-6008
Webpage http://www.kd-nakatani.co.jp/






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