5 Best Japanese Cuisine Restaurants in Kyoto




Everyone knows that Kyoto is famous for its own style of cooking. There are tons of restaurants you can enjoy good Japanese cuisine in central Kyoto at reasonable price. On the other hand, Kyoto is full of fancy Japanese cuisine restaurants with Michelin stars such as, needless to say, Kikunoi and Kicho. Here are other recommended restaurants of Japanese cuisine!




No.1 Mizai (未在)


They have only 11 seats at the restaurant. And all the customers start at 6pm. Their beautifully arranged dishes are substantial as well, so they’ll surely satisfy your eyes and stomach. Booking is needed and this is the most difficult part. Usually they are fully booked about 6 months ahead, so we recommend you to call them right after you decided to make a trip to Japan, or even the other way around!


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Opening Hours 6pm to 10pm
Regular Holidays Wednesday
Address Kyoto-shi, Higashiyama-ku, Yasaka Torii Mae Higahi Iru, Maruyamacho 613
Tel 075-551-3310
Price JPY 35,000 (USD 297.99)
Webpage http://mizai.jp/




No.2 Kyoto Wakuden (京都和久傳)


Located on 11 floor, in JR Kyoto Isetan,department store, you can have the whole view of Kyoto city and really close view of Kyoto Tower. They have 27 seats at the bar and 28 seats at table, so it may be easier to get a table without booking compared to other restaurants. Also their meal is offered at relatively reasonable prices for their quality.


Opening Hours 11am to 3.30pm (L.O. 2.30pm), 5pm to 10pm (L.O. 9pm)
Regular Holidays No regular holidays
Address Kyoto-shi, Shimogyo-ku, Karasuma Shiokoji Sagaru, Higashi Shiokoji-machi, JR Kyoto Isetan 11F
Tel 075-365-1000
Price Lunch JPY 2,700 (USD 22.98) ~, Dinner JPY 6,000 (USD 51.08) ~
Webpage http://www.wakuden.jp/ryotei/kyoto/#kyoto-top


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No.3 Hyotei (瓢亭)


One day back in Meiji Era, a group of young rich men with Geiko having been drinking all night hit their door for asking something to eat in the morning, they served kayu, rice porridge, and since then they’ve been known as a luxury breakfast place. They also offer lunch, and dinner, but you must try their asagayu, rice porridge course for breakfast. It’s available during July and August (also available at Hyotei Bekkan from March to November). Reservation is advisable.


5 6 


Opening Hours Asagayu (July and August) 8am to 10am, Uzuragayu (December to March 15) 11am to 2pm, Kaiseki 11am to 7.30pm
Regular Holidays The second and fourth Tuesdays
Address Kyoto-shi, Sakyo-ku, Nanzenji Kusakawamachi 35
Tel 075-771-4116
Price Asagayu JPY 4,555 (USD 38.78), Uzuragayu JPY 10,000, Kaiseki JPY 18,000 (USD 85.14) ~
Webpage http://hyotei.co.jp/




No.4 Issin (いっしん)


Their cuisine is fusion of Japanese and Western as every single dish in their course is made with Oumigyu beef. Even though their meal seems to be heavy, you’ll find yourself indulging in the parade of various kinds of dishes, to eat them up. Reservation is necessary and available from two months beforehand.


 7 8


Opening Hours 6pm to 10.30pm
Regular Holidays Mondays
Address Kyoto-shi, Higashiyama-ku, Nawatedori Shinbashi Higashi Iru, Shinbashi Motoyoshicho 51
Tel 075-531-5311
Price JPY 12,900 (USD 109.83) plus service charge 8%




No.5 Nakahigashi (なかひがし)


This restaurant is situated along the canal close to Ginkakuji Temple and is the best place when you want to escape noisy and busy reality and relax in a peace and calm atmosphere. They use local ingredients that the owner gathers every morning. Reservation is must made. Booking for next month starts at 8am on the first day of previous month.


 10 9


Opening Hours 12pm to 2pm, 6pm to 9pm
Regular Holidays Mondays
Address Kyoto-shi, Sakyo-ku, Jodoji Ishibashicho 32-3
Tel 075-752-3500
Price Lunch JPY 5,250 (USD 44.69) ~, Dinner JPY 10,500 (USD 89.39) ~
Webpage http://www.soujiki-nakahigashi.co.jp/


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